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Customs Brokerage

George Turner’s licensed customs brokers have a comprehensive understanding of all government trade legislation that impacts on the import and export of our clients’ cargo. But it’s not just this theoretical knowledge that provides our clients with a distinct advantage, it’s also their vast experience in dealing with such legislation and practices.

Over the last ten years or so, the George Turner team have encountered (and successfully managed) just about every unexpected occurrence you could contemplate. An incident that may come as a surprise to less experienced brokers is just a manageable detail to George Turner’s customs brokers, all of who are accredited with the Australian Quarantine Department.

Our services include:

  • Customs Consultancy on tariff classification and applicable duties/taxes
  • Licensed Customs Clearance for clearance of all import/export consignments within Australia
  • GST Consultancy on all import/export commodities
  • Fully integrated Electronic Data Interface (EDI) network connection for all customs import/export processing including Customs Management Re-engineering (CMR)
  • EDN/PRA, SCA & SAC electronic reporting



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