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The Team

Vince Murone
Managing Director
Vince started with George Turners over 30 years ago in 1974.
Vince oversees the running of the business on a day to day basis.

Paul Morcom
Chief Executive Officer
Paul started with George Turners 30 years ago in 1977. With 30 years experience in the industry, Paul is experienced in all aspects of international trade.

Paul has been a licensed broker for over 20 years and has developed strong relations with national government trade departments in Canberra.

Paul has successfully planned and completed numerous special logistics projects both nationally and internationally.

Julien Fidele
Motor Vehicle and Logistics Manager
Starting with George Turners in 1976, Julien has over 30 years employment at George Turners.

As Motor Vehicle and Logistics Manager, Julien operates the day to day running of the logistics department including time slots, container availability, delivering cargo, organizing AQIS orders and quarantine inspects.

John Raiti
Customs Manager
With over 20 years service at George Turners, John has experienced all duties involved in the customs department.

John is now responsible for managing the customs department and the brokers in both the head office in Melbourne and the airport office.

Agnes Sacco
Export Manager
Agnes started with George Turners in 1982. Agnes has a Associate Diploma in Accounting. Her role in George Turner is Senior Customs Clearance Classifier and Compiler and Export Manager.

Her responsibilities include clearing customs import documents, classifying documents and ensuring that all paper work pertaining to shipments are in order before the arrival of vessels, client communication and following up on transshipments.

As Export Manager she arranges the booking and customs documents for containers going overseas and arrange container pick ups and delivery to wharf terminals.

Dalila Goncolves
Airfreight Supervisor
Dalila started working at George Turners in 1988 as the document runner and then worked her way up to registrations, cartage and customs clearances.

Now as the Airfreight Supervisor, Dalila is responsible for all airfreight shipments and the customs clearance and deliveries for those shipments.

Giana Tran
Accounts Manager
Giana started with George Turners in 1989. She holds a degree in Business Accounting.

As Accounts Manager she is responsible for the management of the accounts team, accounting operations and financial and management reporting.




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